Hey, I’m Karim Ardalan

I find solutions for growing businesses using no-code tools

Why no-code?

No code tools can help turn your idea into a business.

The speed and freedom that using no-code tools provide can be the difference between an idea and a business. Traditionally apps (and websites) had to be coded by hand, line by line. We did this at my agency for the first 20+ years! But the advancements made in no code tools such as Airtable or Bubble and the precise control we get with our designs in Webflow make it much easier to explore and build out an app or website.

How do I choose?

With so many choices, how do you know which tool to pick?

That's where I come in! With my experience building websites for the past 25+ years, along with my background in database programming I have carefully selected a set of tools I specialize in and use regularly. These are the best of class tools for accomplishing various tasks. Just like a good handyman, I know which tool to use for which job.

Take a look at my work

What my clients say about my work

I’ve been fortunate to work with many wonderful clients over the past 25+ years

“Whether it be our winery operation or my previous consulting business, Karim by far delivered the most value for the dollars spent. That includes looking at competitive bids from other firms who specialized in our industry. From design to delivery to performance, hands down the best value.”

Paul Pease

“Our company has worked with Karim for over 15 years. He developed our website and is ALWAYS very responsive and professional when we need changes. Most importantly, he is an expert on the latest web technology and often has a better way to do something. This happened most recently when Karim suggested a different technique to achieve my objective. He is a MOST VALUED member of our technical team. I highly recommend Karim.”

Recovery Press LLC

“We were looking for someone to help us migrate our website from Wix to Square's Online store. Karim Ardalan was recommended to us and when we contacted him, he understood the issues and elements that we were trying to incorporate in the new site. Karim listened very carefully and designed a perfect plan to tackle all the issues. He delivered on time and flawlessly. His quote for the project was one of the most reasonable ones that we had received. Even though we added more elements to the project, they kept the original quote for the final invoice. All in all, I would give them 6 stars, if I could!”

Ali Keshavarz
Owner, Peasant Pies

“Karim was very clear and understandable. Has very special teaching approach. Felt very comfortable and eager to learn. I will be doing business with him without question.”

Tanen A.

“I wasted hours trying to get answers from searching, forums, chats ... and everything but crystal balls and Ouija boards. Karim answered my questions, emailed me links and gave me encouragement in ten minutes! I will hire when needed!”

Susan L.