Karim Ardalan

I’m Karim Ardalan,
No Code Solutions Architect

With the wide array of tools available today, almost any idea can be built and market tested using tools that don’t require custom programming.

My story

My fascination with computers started really early when my Mom brought me back a Commodore VIC-20 from one of her trips abroad. I immediately fell in love with computers and would spend hours and hours typing lines of code from computer magazines only to run it and notice a mistake I made and had to start all over. Those were the days!

Started my Web Design agency in 1995

I remember staying with my cousin in San Mateo and attending Internet World in 1995. Yahoo had a small booth and Jerry Yang and David Filo were showing off their web directory. I learned about html and websites and I was immediately hooked. This is what I was meant to do. I came back home and told my wife and my family that I was starting a Web Design company. Most of them didn't even know what I was talking about. But I knew this was going to be big!

When I started we used to build sites by hand, page by page using BBEdit. Then PageMill came along and changed everything. We could build sites visually and much more quickly. We started building more and more sites.

Fast forward 26 years and the sheer number of tools to build and manage websites is almost infinite. Many of these tools allow you to build sites visually without writing any html code, almost like PageMill did back in 1995.

Commodore VIC-20Spring Internet World 1995

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Jan 2021 - Present

Add On Commerce is a powerful no-code e-commerce platform that you can use with any website.


Jan 2019 - Present

Intelligent Voices of Wisdom (IVOW)is an AI and Storytelling Startup. It’s mission is to promote human connection and understanding by incorporating cultural richness, inclusive datasets, and traditional storytelling into AI.


Feb 2017 - Present

RapidWidgets develops and sells apps via the Weebly App Center. Several of our apps are among the top-selling apps including Custom Buttons, Shapes & Borders and Responsive Vimeo.


Feb 2015 - Present

Add On IDX is a no-code tool for designers to easily add IDX to any website, including but not limited to Webflow, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Squarespace and more.


Feb 2013 - Sep 2021

BackupBC and later BC Exporter were built to fill a need for an automated backup service for Adobe's Business Catalyst platform. Thousands of sites were backed up using our platform until Adobe announced the EOL of Business Catalyst in September 2021.

Founder & President

Jul 1995 - Present

I started MIS, Inc. my web design and digital marketing agency back in 1995 when I saw the potential of the World Wide Web and have been fortunate to work on thousands of websites for hundreds of businesses around the world.