April 2022

Bubbdle - Wordle clone



Bubbdle - Wordle clone

Project Overview

I decided to improve my Bubble skills by building a clone of the popular word puzzle Wordle and called it Bubbdle. I used the excellent tutorial from Coaching No Code Apps and I learned a lot in the process.

Some key features of Bubbdle are:

  • You can use either the on-screen keyboard or your physical keyboard (on the physical keyboard you have to use the spacebar to enter)
  • There are 37 workflows (26 are for each key on the physical keyboard) including 4 custom workflows
  • There are 2 backend workflows which are called as internal API calls for checking the guesses and selecting the word of the day
  • Using 5 plugins which are API Connector, Ionic Elements (for the icons), Mouse & Keyboard Interactions, Toasty Notifications and Toolbox